Project Team

Principal Investigators

Luin Goldring is a Professor of Sociology at York University. Her current research analyses immigration status as a fault line of social inequality. Current and recent projects include Immigrants and Precarious Employment (with P. Landolt); Poverty and Employment Precarity in Southern Ontario (W. Lewchuck, PI); and Negotiating the Boundaries of Rights and Membership (P. Landolt, PI).  Earlier research examined Mexico-U.S. migration, and Latin American community organizing in Canada. Her publications address citizenship and noncitizenship, immigrant employment precarity, and transnational migration.

Patricia Landolt is Professor and Chair of the Department of Sociology at the University of Toronto Scarborough. Her research examines the production and reproduction of systems of social exclusion and inequality associated with global migrations. Specific themes include: refugee-migrant political incorporation, precarious work and income insecurity, non-citizenship and precarious legal status. Professor Landolt’s previous SSHRC-funded project (2011-13) examined the ways that the Ontario public education system practices inclusion and exclusion in the context of encounters with precarious status migrants.

Project Manager

Kamla Ross-McGregor (MA) has a background is in food security education and community outreach in the non-profit sector. She has worked with Patricia and Luin on multiple projects including research on employment and legal status trajectories of Latin American and Caribbean immigrants, and on access to education for precarious legal status children in Toronto. Kamla is also a part-time Professor at George Brown College.

Outreach Coordinators

Carolina Cruz - Portuguese Outreach
Carolina Cruz
Portuguese Outreach
Augustine Jagasothy
South Asian Outreach
Sharmi Joshi
South Asian Outreach
Lien Le
Vietnamese Outreach
Abdi Yousuf
Arabic/Somali Outreach
Li Zhen
Chinese Outreach

Nima Hassan
Somali Outreach

Parul Verma
Social Media Marketing

Research Assistants

Rawan Abdelbaki
PhD Candidate, Sociology
York University
Jana Borras
PhD candidate, Sociology
York University
Bahar Hashemi
PhD Candidate, Sociology
University of Toronto
Paul Pritchard
PhD Candidate, Sociology
University of Toronto
Samia Tecle
PhD Candidate, Sociology
University of Toronto

Kathryn Barber
PhD Candidate, Sociology – York University

Ngozi Iroanyah
PhD Candidate, Sociology – York University